What is it?


Look and feel your very best by training with us with just 2-3 times per week for 45 minutes and not having to sacrifice your life to get the results..

Become comfortable in your own skin whilst becoming the strongest, fittest, healthiest and happiest you've ever been..

Join a Strong Community of other who will lift you up and want you to succeed.

Our SGPT Training sessions are based around a 4 week training program aiming to increase and progress weights, reps and sets every time that you train.

You will never get stuck on the same weights for long with our science backed programming that is fun, challenging and will leave you feeling amazing after each training session!

With a group no more than 8 at a time we will lead you through each session whilst pushing you all to your true ability.

How many times per week do I need to train?

To see best results we suggest that you attend a minimum of x2 training sessions per week. Many of our members do a mixture of SGPT strength training and FIT sessions to see best results. We run sessions from 6am with our latest sessions at 7.30pm at night.

How many people do you let in each session?

Our Small Group Training is kept at 8 people maximum. This is to make sure you are comfortable with your training and are lifting safely whilst still getting that 1-1 element within each session.

Our Conditioning Sessions have up to 12 in one group.

Will this work for me if I have never lifted weights before?

100%. Actually many of our members come to us having never lifted anything more than a 3kg in a bodypump/bootcamp class. We will meet you exactly where you are at to help you progress quickly and safely.

What kind of program is it?

All of our training sessions are built around a full body movement plan. This has been designed so that if you allow attended 2 sessions per week you would still get 2 full body workouts!

You will track all of your progress in all of our strength training programs on our app so that you know exactly how to progress ech and every week.

What else does the program involve?

We aren't just the type of gym that says 'see ya later' after the session and forget about you.

We run various trainings to help you outside the gym too. Nutrition, Sleep, Lifestyle and Mindset to name a few.

We also run regular community events such as BBQs, Team Meals out and fun stuff!


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